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I firstly want to issue a big apology to you all, especially if you've been waiting all this time for a commission from me. It's my own fault for not keeping in touch with each of you and I should have handled this better. I finished possibily one of the busiest semesters I've had in years and a large part is because I finally got a part-time job as a banquet server in a hotel. However, my boss tends to schedule me to work more than 20 hours in a single weekend. Not only did I fail to do what I needed to do here but I also suffered academically because I figured paying rent and my bills and having a place to live in was more important. I've disappointed you guys and some of my professors and there's no excuse for that. I'm sorry. :(

I unfortunately have no new art to show as I hadn't been able to draw since the last time I posted on this account. My dear friend Nat is gonna help me get back into shape and post art again. Commissions will be the top priority but I will say this now: Once I've finished and given all the commissions I owe, I will be temporarily closing them down. I don't want a repeat of the last few months and it's not fair to you guys to have to wait so long. I will announce when I do have more time to draw but as of right now, I don't know what my schedule will be like.

You can skip the rest of this if you want. A lot of this talks about a traumatic experience I had last week and how I personally feel. Basically, I'm being a whiny baby and may or may not be crying as a result of this event.
I had perhaps the worst year in a long time and went into the new 2016 year the worst way possible. Last week, I was in my first car accident. My friend and I were well into the intersection when another car struck us and spun us several times. She walked away with a bruised elbow and collar bone, I walked out with a bruised lower back. By far the scariest thing I had ever been through, especially when I remember trying to breathe after having the wind knocked out of me. It could have been worse and I'm thankful nobody was seriously injured or killed. I hated that I needed xrays but the doctors insisted that I get them since I expressed severe sensitivity. I learned a frightening new twist, and that is my spine is literally twisted alongside with the scoliosis that I already knew I had. I was more scared of them saying I need surgery to correct this lifelong issue I grew up with more than whatever injury I had sustained. Upside is no surgery but my back was bruised. And boy did it hurt the next few days. It's manageable now but still hurts and this is day 5 since the accident. I have work starting next Wednesday so hoping what happened doesn't hurt my work performance. :')
My mom worried about me getting hooked onto the meds I was prescribed with. One is just ibuprofen but the other is a muscle relaxer. I've hardly taken them due to how ill I've been feeling. I literally have been feeling the side effects of the muscle relaxer so I've just been dealing with the pain. :')
I went into the new year in so much pain, sick to my stomach, and nobody to take care of me or keep me company. I couldn't stop crying on New Year's eve. I kept stuffing my face even though I kept getting sick. I wanted to drink the alcohol in my fridge but knew I couldn't because of the meds. I ignored calls and text messages. For the first time, I really felt alone. Since that day, things have been a little better. Still wish I wasn't alone but I don't feel like I did.

I don't really have an account I'd consider my home page on dA anymore, hence why I decided to post all this. I feel like I no longer have a place I can just let out my feelings anymore so please allow me to keep this here for a while. I don't mind if you ignore it, it's just words I just wanted out and I know there's still more being kept inside but I need the time to feel at peace again. Thank you. :')



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Just checking in! See how you've been and if youre still around <3
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Hi. :)
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Love it so far! Can I suggest that you try getting a premium membership? There is a feature that allows you to get commissioned in points and get paid actual in actual cash which would allow those without paypal to commission you. And perhaps you could get premium membership in exchange for a commission.
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 Ooh! De commissions are cheap!

I don't have paypal... ;o;
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Hi there ^^ 
I will look forward to your works
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